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Full service oil without the full service price.

We are looking a  for a part time or full time oil truck driver and a burner service technician. Please call our office if you love winter and would like to earn extra cash.
 We are a local, family owned business  founded in 1980 by Rick and Donna Greeley. Greeleys' Oil Co. has been reliably keeping  the homes  of  Halifax and the surrounding   towns  comfortable  for over 37 years. 
We have 24 Hour emergency oil burner service by our own licensed  technicians.
If we are not in the office, please call 781-293-5275. For non emergency messages please press 1.  For emergencies press 2 and you will be prompted to reach one of us.  Thank you for your business.
Hi Folks,  In 1980 I started an oil company with the help of my loving wife Donna.  With $3000.00, I bought a  1964 White oil truck and a load of oil from Quincy Oil Co.
Now after 36 years, I am proud to announce that I have sold my oil company to my sons Richard and Christopher. I have the deepest confidence in both of them.  They have been involved in the business since they were kids.  They did whatever they could to make my work a little easier.  Both know the business from the bottom up.  They have done it all.
My wife Donna has worked right along with me since we started the business.  I could not have been so successful without her.  Donna will still be involved in the daily operation of the business.  The woman refuses to get old.  
I hope to help my boys in any way I can but they will be in control of everything.

I would like to thank everyone that I have had the pleasure to meet in this business.  I wish all of you good  health, happiness and success at whatever you do.

Our cash price for January 16, 2
019 to January 24 ,
Budget customer- 4 cents off for budget accounts
(Our best deal- call us for details or click here)
150 gallons or more- $2.659 gallon
100 gallons- $2.859/ gallon
50 gallons- $3.299/ gallon
Call us for diesel pricing
*Prices subject to change without notice
We have full service with very competitive prices.  


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Monday, August 30, 2010

Rick's Outlook
Hi Folks,
     Well there is nothing exciting about the oil industry at the moment.  The EIA reported inventories which showed an increase of 4.1 million barrels of crude oil.  This is 9.5% above the 5 year average.  Gasoline increased 2.3 million barrels which is 11.5% above the five year average.  Distillate fuel inventories were up 1.8 million barrels, which is 28.4% above the five year average.  This inflated inventory could keep prices in check for the near future.  Crude has been trading in a narrow range of $75.00 a barrel for almost a year. Barring any world unrest or hurricanes I don't see any big spikes in oil this year.  It's only a guess on my part but I'm hopeful I'm right.
Stay tuned...
Mon, August 30, 2010 | link          Comments

Monday, August 16, 2010

Rick's Outlook

Hi Folks,
     It's been a long, hot, good old fashioned summer.  Now it's time to start thinking about the heating season.  We have been watching oil inventories to see if it can shed some light on the future price of oil.  As we speak crude oil inventories in the U.S. are 8.1% above the five year average for this time of year.  Distillate (fuel oil) inventories are a huge 26.6% over the five year average.  Gasoline is 8.6% over the five year average.  Demand for gasoline last week was down 2.5% from last year.  I can't understand that figure, considering the great summer weather we had compared to last year.  Natural gas inventories are also above the five year average.
     I guess the silver lining in a slow economy is that prices for commodities such as oil should stay flat for the near term.  This is barring any crisis or supply disruption.  
     Don't forget if you didn't get that tune-up in the spring give us a call @ 781-293-5275.
     Listen to our new radio ad on WATD, 95.9 FM.  We usually do very little advertising.  We believe word of mouth is the best advertising and it has worked for us for 30 years.  I have heard of many stories of people who get caught by those teaser, introductory deals from some oil companies.  They have much higher prices for their faithful longterm customers.  I do not believe in that practice and will not do it.  If you are a faithful long term customer you are going to be treated just as well as new customers.  We appreciate your business.
Stay tuned...

Mon, August 16, 2010 | link          Comments

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