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Full service oil without the full service price.

We are looking a  for a part time or full time oil truck driver and a burner service technician. Please call our office if you love winter and would like to earn extra cash.
 We are a local, family owned business  founded in 1980 by Rick and Donna Greeley. Greeleys' Oil Co. has been reliably keeping  the homes  of  Halifax and the surrounding   towns  comfortable  for over 37 years. 
We have 24 Hour emergency oil burner service by our own licensed  technicians.
If we are not in the office, please call 781-293-5275. For non emergency messages please press 1.  For emergencies press 2 and you will be prompted to reach one of us.  Thank you for your business.
Hi Folks,  In 1980 I started an oil company with the help of my loving wife Donna.  With $3000.00, I bought a  1964 White oil truck and a load of oil from Quincy Oil Co.
Now after 36 years, I am proud to announce that I have sold my oil company to my sons Richard and Christopher. I have the deepest confidence in both of them.  They have been involved in the business since they were kids.  They did whatever they could to make my work a little easier.  Both know the business from the bottom up.  They have done it all.
My wife Donna has worked right along with me since we started the business.  I could not have been so successful without her.  Donna will still be involved in the daily operation of the business.  The woman refuses to get old.  
I hope to help my boys in any way I can but they will be in control of everything.

I would like to thank everyone that I have had the pleasure to meet in this business.  I wish all of you good  health, happiness and success at whatever you do.

Our cash price for January 16, 2
019 to January 24 ,
Budget customer- 4 cents off for budget accounts
(Our best deal- call us for details or click here)
150 gallons or more- $2.659 gallon
100 gallons- $2.859/ gallon
50 gallons- $3.299/ gallon
Call us for diesel pricing
*Prices subject to change without notice
We have full service with very competitive prices.  


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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rick's Outlook

Hi Folks,
     The weekly Department of Energy report released Wednesday showed crude oil stocks up 800,000 barrels at 340 million barrels.  Distillate stocks (fuel oil) were down 2.1 million barrels to 167.8 million barrels.  This is still much higher than last year's level of 128 million barrels.  Demand for distillate is down 13.1% over last year and gasoline demand is up 1.9% over last year.  This shows nobody wanted to travel last year because of the high price of gasoline.  I think conservation and updated equipment are the reasons for the drop in fuel oil demand this year.  The free market is working again to regulate prices.  No need to tax us into conservation.  (Markey, Waxman Cap and Trade Bill).
     Here's a little tidbit of information about distillate prices.  According to the U.S. Energy Information Agency, until the spring of 2008 small amounts of distillates were imported primarily from Canada and the Virgin Islands.  As world demand increased the U.S. increased production, U.S. demand decreased thus the United States became an exporter of distillates.  The increased demand in the world for distillates has created a premium for distillates even though domestic demand has dropped considerably, thus the increase of the premium of fuel oil over gasoline at the pumps.  This could be a short lived phenomenon.

Stay tuned...

Thu, October 29, 2009 | link          Comments

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rick's Outlook
Hi Folks,
     As a member, I received a letter from NEFI (New England Fuel Institute) on October 6 to inform me of an important development in the fuel oil industry.  On September 15 a national alliance of oil industry trade groups, stake holders and leaders met in Baltimore, MD for a national policy summit.  "The goal was to carve a path forward for the industry and bring a more competitive, domestically produced and leaner, cleaner and greener home heating fuel to our customers nation-wide".  The attendees overwhelmingly approved the following resolution:
The heating oil industry recommends and will encourage the Congress and appropriate state bodies to mandate the following changes for heating oil:

1.  By July 2010, all heating oil will be mixed with a biofuel component that means the appropriate specifications to ensure that at least 2 percent of the fuel is renewable, and that such levels shall increase over time as technical and economic feasibility permit.

2.  By July 2011, the petroleum base stock we now call
heating oil will be transitioned to ultra low sulfur.

3.  In the interest of lowering the carbon intensity of heating oil applications,
training will be provided to heating oil companies on thermal solar applications.

Note:  This only a recommendation to the U.S. Congress at this time.

Stay tuned...
Tue, October 13, 2009 | link          Comments

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Rick's Outlook

Hi Folks,

     Well I did it. If you haven’t been watching Comcast (channel 13) in Halifax you missed my commentary with my son Rick on the cap and trade bill sponsored by Massachusetts Congressman Markey and California Congressman Waxman. Click the link above to see it.
     On another note, inventories came out on Wednesday. Inventories of crude oil were up 2.8 million barrels to 338 million barrels. (A barrel of oil is 42 gallons.) Gasoline stocks were down 1.6 million barrels to 212 million. Gasoline demand is up 5.7% over last year on a four week rolling average. Distillate stocks (fuel oil, diesel, kerosene) increased 300,000 barrels to 171.1 million barrels. Demand for distillate is down 9.2% over last year. The price of a barrel of oil is around $70.00 with no clear cut direction. Sounds like the economy. The stock market is up and so is the unemployment picture. Housing is still anemic. Yup, the free market is still working.

Stay tuned…

Thu, October 1, 2009 | link          Comments

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