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Full service oil without the full service price.

We are looking a  for a part time or full time oil truck driver and a burner service technician. Please call our office if you love winter and would like to earn extra cash.
 We are a local, family owned business  founded in 1980 by Rick and Donna Greeley. Greeleys' Oil Co. has been reliably keeping  the homes  of  Halifax and the surrounding   towns  comfortable  for over 37 years. 
We have 24 Hour emergency oil burner service by our own licensed  technicians.
If we are not in the office, please call 781-293-5275. For non emergency messages please press 1.  For emergencies press 2 and you will be prompted to reach one of us.  Thank you for your business.
Hi Folks,  In 1980 I started an oil company with the help of my loving wife Donna.  With $3000.00, I bought a  1964 White oil truck and a load of oil from Quincy Oil Co.
Now after 36 years, I am proud to announce that I have sold my oil company to my sons Richard and Christopher. I have the deepest confidence in both of them.  They have been involved in the business since they were kids.  They did whatever they could to make my work a little easier.  Both know the business from the bottom up.  They have done it all.
My wife Donna has worked right along with me since we started the business.  I could not have been so successful without her.  Donna will still be involved in the daily operation of the business.  The woman refuses to get old.  
I hope to help my boys in any way I can but they will be in control of everything.

I would like to thank everyone that I have had the pleasure to meet in this business.  I wish all of you good  health, happiness and success at whatever you do.

Our cash price for January 16, 2
019 to January 24 ,
Budget customer- 4 cents off for budget accounts
(Our best deal- call us for details or click here)
150 gallons or more- $2.659 gallon
100 gallons- $2.859/ gallon
50 gallons- $3.299/ gallon
Call us for diesel pricing
*Prices subject to change without notice
We have full service with very competitive prices.  


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Friday, February 27, 2009

Rick's Outlook
Hi folks,
     Well this was a good old fashioned winter.  Cold weather and lots of snow.  The silver lining is the price of oil fell from the historic highs of this summer.  Let's hope it stays at these levels when the economy improves.
     Now we come to the beginning of spring.  It's time to think about the annual tune up of your heating system.  It definitely worked overtime this year.  It's just like a car, it needs preventative maintenance on a regular basis.  That's where we come in.  That annual tune-up should be done in the spring.  Your system should be serviced in the spring for several reasons.  It should not sit all summer in the moisture laden air without being serviced.  If it supplies your hot water it may not be running at peak efficiency and using more oil this summer.  Another reason is the rush in the fall when most systems starting on the first cold night.  Give us a call and get your spring $10.00 discount. 
Stay tuned...  
Fri, February 27, 2009 | link          Comments

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Rick's Outlook
Hi Folks,
     Well it's official.  Chapter 453 of the acts of 2008 (an act relative to homeowner heating safety) was signed by the govenor.  A full text can be read on the Mass State website here.  In a nutshell it states in homes where an oil line touches the floor it must be protected.  Homeowners insurance companies will also be affected by this new law.
     I talked to an oil industry representative who was involved in the input of information to the bill.  He stated that the State Fire Marshall had not formulated the process of implamenting this law to the local fire departments but this law is eventually going to be enforced.  Now is a good time to check that oil line and tank.  There is a tag on the tank which will tell you how old it is.  If there is no tag it's a good bet that it's old and should be replaced.  At the present time if your oil line is in the ground it should be encased in plastic tubing or have an oil safety valve on the tank.  This valve shuts the supply of oil off if there is a leak in the line.  This valve is in addition to the firomatic valve which shuts the oil supply off if there is a fire. 
     Replacing the oil tank at the same time that the oil line is updated should be considered.  Consider replacing the tank if the tapping is on the side of the tank.  The new tanks have the oil line tapping on the bottom of the tank.  The new tanks are pitched toward the oil line which allows most of the contaminants (especially water) to collect in the filter instead of staying in the tank.  Most tank failures are caused by a  small amount of water creating a hole in the bottom of the tank from corrosion.
     Upgrading tanks and oil lines are a real safety issue worth the expense.  Call us for more information and a quote on installation.
Stay tuned...
Wed, February 4, 2009 | link          Comments

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