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Full service oil without the full service price.

We are looking a  for a part time or full time oil truck driver and a burner service technician. Please call our office if you love winter and would like to earn extra cash.
 We are a local, family owned business  founded in 1980 by Rick and Donna Greeley. Greeleys' Oil Co. has been reliably keeping  the homes  of  Halifax and the surrounding   towns  comfortable  for over 37 years. 
We have 24 Hour emergency oil burner service by our own licensed  technicians.
If we are not in the office, please call 781-293-5275. For non emergency messages please press 1.  For emergencies press 2 and you will be prompted to reach one of us.  Thank you for your business.
Hi Folks,  In 1980 I started an oil company with the help of my loving wife Donna.  With $3000.00, I bought a  1964 White oil truck and a load of oil from Quincy Oil Co.
Now after 36 years, I am proud to announce that I have sold my oil company to my sons Richard and Christopher. I have the deepest confidence in both of them.  They have been involved in the business since they were kids.  They did whatever they could to make my work a little easier.  Both know the business from the bottom up.  They have done it all.
My wife Donna has worked right along with me since we started the business.  I could not have been so successful without her.  Donna will still be involved in the daily operation of the business.  The woman refuses to get old.  
I hope to help my boys in any way I can but they will be in control of everything.

I would like to thank everyone that I have had the pleasure to meet in this business.  I wish all of you good  health, happiness and success at whatever you do.

Our cash price for January 16, 2
019 to January 24 ,
Budget customer- 4 cents off for budget accounts
(Our best deal- call us for details or click here)
150 gallons or more- $2.659 gallon
100 gallons- $2.859/ gallon
50 gallons- $3.299/ gallon
Call us for diesel pricing
*Prices subject to change without notice
We have full service with very competitive prices.  


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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rick's Outlook
Hi Folks,
     The Montreal Express keeps coming at us full force.  A good old fashioned winter.  I guess someone put a freeze on global warming.
     On a more serious note Citizens Energy is now accepting applications from January 19, 2009 until February 27, 2009.  Anyone who is struggling to pay their oil bill should click here.  The program is a great help for a lot of people.
     South Shore Community Action Council and Self Help of Brockton are also a lot of help for those who need a little assistance.  They also have a program of weatherization.  They have funds to tune up systems that need a little attention or replace old and efficient equipment.
     These are government sponsored programs that are a great help to the community.  Greeleys' Oil Co. participates in all these worthwhile programs.  Check out the links to them on our website here.
Stay tuned...
Thu, January 22, 2009 | link          Comments

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rick's Outlook

Hi Folks,
     Well we are into a real winter. It's been a few years since we have had weather like this. We've had more snow than normal and colder weather than the last few years.
We are seeing spot shortages from our suppliers such as Citgo in Braintree and the Sprague terminal in Quincy. We have seen these supply disruptions before and they are only an inconvenience. Usually it just creates long lines at the other terminals. We can haul trailers out of Providence, RI to our storage terminal on 106 in Halifax.
     These short term supply problems are usually the result of an inventory policy called "just in time". The terminals are not keeping a lot of product on hand for several reasons. The declining price is probably the biggest reason. The cost of product also is a factor. Our bulk oil terminal has given us an edge on a lot of the no service oil companies when there is a short supply of oil. This is another reason to buy from us. We have made a significant investment in building the terminal to ensure a steady supply of oil when weather and supply are a problem.
Stay tuned...

Thu, January 15, 2009 | link          Comments

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Rick's Outlook

Hi Folks,
     Well a good thing can't last for ever.  The price of oil has stopped it's decline.
     The wholesale price of fuel oil has climbed over 40 cents since Christmas.  I'm no expert but the unrest in the near east between Israel and Hamas could be spooking traders.  It also could be that bounce when a product is near the bottom of a realistic price. 

     I think the economy can live with the price of oil at present levels.  Let's keep our hopes up.

Stay tuned...

Wed, January 7, 2009 | link          Comments

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